BCLIS is an ultra-rapid insulin lispro formulation designed to accelerate the time-action profile vs. conventional short-acting insulin analogs. PK characteristics of single doses of BCLIS and LIS were characterized in four randomized, double-blind, crossover studies in altogether 112 T1D and 51 T2D subjects who received BCLIS and LIS (0.2 U/kg in studies 1 and 2, individualized doses in studies 3 and 4) subcutaneously by syringe. Insulin absorption was consistently faster with BCLIS than with LIS as indicated by reaching early half-maximum insulin levels (early t50%max) 8.4 (95% confidence interval [-9.6;-7.2]) and time to maximum levels (tmax) 10.0 [-14.3;-5.8] min earlier (p<0.0001 for both comparisons). Early insulin exposure was significantly greater for BCLIS for up to 2 hours after administration (Figure). BCLIS also showed faster offset of exposure, with a 22.3 [-28.8;-15.7] min earlier time to late half-maximum insulin levels (late t50%max) (p<0.0001) and a 24% lower late exposure (AUC2-6h; Figure). Total exposure (AUC0-6h) was similar for both formulations in all studies (treatment ratio in pooled analysis 0.99 [0.95;1.03], p=NS).

In conclusion, BCLIS consistently shows faster onset and offset of exposure than conventional LIS in both T1D and T2D.


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