Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs) helps obese patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) lose weight. Because few studies have researched their effectiveness on body composition, this study aimed to investigate the effect of GLP-1 RA on body fat mass (BFM) and skeletal muscle mass (SMM) in patients with T2DM.

In this retrospective study, we reviewed the database of our clinic and identified patients who had been prescribed GLP-1 RAs between 2010-2017. Patients who were either switched from insulin, had used any drugs that affect blood glucose levels (except metformin and sulfonylurea), or who had clinically significant disease were excluded. Both baseline and 12-month body compositions were assessed via the BIA device (Inbody S10 or S20). Body weight (BW), body mass index (BMI), and HbA1c were also measured. Data were analyzed using the paired t-test, with values shown as mean±SD.

A total of 205 patients were identified and 45 were included in the final analysis; 25 were non-insulin users and 20 were insulin users. After 12-month treatment, HbA1c, BW, and BMI were significantly reduced in both groups (Table 1). Interestingly, while BFM was significantly decreased, no differences in fat free mass or SMM were noted.

In conclusion, GLP-1 RA treatment leads to weight loss by predominantly reducing body fat mass in patients with T2DM regardless of being treated or not treated with insulin.

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