Introduction: Cardiovascular disease is the principal cause of mortality in the diabetic population. Diabetic-cardiomyopathy increases the risk of heart failure in diabetics independently of coronary artery disease. It is characterized by ventricular dilation, myocardial fibrosis and steatosis. ELIXA, LEADER and SUSTAIN-6 trials have shown decrease in adverse cardiac events with a particular GLP-1 agonist. The aim of this study is to analyze if GLP-1 agonist improves ventricular diastolic function after 6 months of therapy.

Methods: Under IRB approval, a retrospective chart review was performed on 107 patients. (EG). Experimental group of (53) patients received GLP-1agonist and (CG)Control group (54)patients that did not receive GLP-1agonists. Inclusion criteria were DM2, age 40-60 years, 6-months GLP-1 therapy and at least 1 baseline echocardiogram. Statistical analysis were performed for data evaluation.

Results: From the population studied, female was the most prevalent gender with 58.8%(63), the mean-age was 57±6.7y/o, and the most common ethnicity Caucasian 67.2%(72). The most prevalent GLP-1 used were; Liraglutide(26.5%), Exenatide(11.2%), Dulaglutide(6.8%) and Albiglutide(1.1%). When comparing echocardiogram parameters, we found; the ejection fraction in the EG was 58±12% at baseline vs. 57±8% at six-month, Lateral-Mitral E/e’ ratio 10.3±3.8 vs. 11.35±5.2, Septal-Mitral E/e’ 13.4±5.4 vs. 14.3±6.3 and Mitral E/a’ 1.1±0.5 vs. 1.07±0.5. When analyzing the (CG) echocardiogram parameters, we found that the Ejection fraction at baseline was 60±8% vs. 58±9% at six months, Lateral-Mitral E/e’ 11.15±5.4 vs. 11.84±5.5, Septal-Mitral E/e’ 14.5±7.2 vs. 15.73±6.6, and Mitral E/a’ 0.98±0.46 vs. 1.09±0.8. No statistically significant difference was found.

Conclusions: This analysis was unable to show that GLP-1 agonists improve diastolic function at the time frame studied. Studies with larger sample and longer follow-up should be performed for better understand these findings.


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