Glucose Management Indicator (GMI) is a new term for estimating A1C from CGM data which is intended to inform glucose management for people with diabetes. This analysis assessed GMI and glycemic metrics for a large cohort of pediatric, adolescent and adult patients with T1D using data from the Omnipod® Insulin Management System (Insulet Corp, Acton, MA), real-time CGM (Dexcom, San Diego, CA) and data management system (Glooko, Mountain View, CA). Usage data uploaded to the data management system from January 2015 through September 2018 were matched via device serial number to a second database of self-reported demographic data and de-identified. CGM data from patients who used CGM >50% of days over ≥3 months of system use were analyzed. Glycemic profiles and insulin use for 1,838 patients stratified by age < 6 y, 6 to <12 y, 12 to <18 y and ≥18 y are reported in the Table. GMI was 7.8%, 7.5%, 7.4%, 7.0%, respectively, across age groups. Corresponding estimated A1C by ADAG method was 8.2%, 7.7%, 7.6% and 7.0%. Data from this large, real-world cohort of patients with T1D across age groups provide valuable insights to GMI and glycemic metrics, and demonstrate that the use of tubeless insulin pump with CGM is associated with favorable glycemic control when compared to large national registries such as the T1D Exchange.

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