This multi-site, retrospective study evaluated the effect of treatment with a tubeless insulin pump (Omnipod Insulin Management System, Insulet Corp., Acton, MA) on glycemic control in adults with type 1 diabetes (n=166) compared to prior treatment with multiple daily injections (MDI) (63%) or continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) (37%). The primary outcome was change in A1C from baseline to 12 months post-Omnipodinitiation. Secondary outcomes included change in A1C at 3- and 6-months, and change in A1C stratified by baseline A1C and prior treatment with MDI or other CSII. Baseline characteristics were mean±SD: age 44±14 y, diabetes duration 24±14 y, 57% female, A1C 8.1±1.5%. The decrease in A1C at 12 months post-Omnipod therapy was -0.2±1.2% (8.1±1.5% vs. 7.9±1.3%; p=0.01) compared to prior treatment. A decrease in A1C was observed at 3- and 6-mo: -0.3±1.2% (n=95; p=0.005) and -0.3±1.1% (n=87; p=0.04), respectively. The within group reduction in A1C at 12 months for prior MDI use was -0.35% (8.1±1.5% vs. 7.8±1.2%; p=0.008) vs. -0.03% (8.0±1.4% vs. 8.0±1.5%; p=0.761) for CSII. The proportion of patients grouped by A1C category is shown in the Figure.

In conclusion, long-term use of the Omnipod System was associated with significant improvement in A1C in adults with type 1 diabetes, most notably in those with A1C ≥9.0% and those previously treated with MDI.

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