ACHIEVE Control, a pragmatic randomized real-world clinical trial, prospectively compared the effectiveness and safety of Gla-300 vs. SoC-BIs (glargine 100 U/mL and detemir) in a broad primary care and specialist population of insulin-naive patients with A1C ≥8% despite using ≥2 antihyperglycemia agents for ≥1 year. The pre-specified 6-month outcomes showed superiority of Gla-300 in achieving the composite primary endpoint: 31.3% of patients using Gla-300 (vs. 27.9% of patients using SoC-BIs; p=0.03) attained individualized HEDIS A1C targets (A1C <8% if age ≥65 years or with defined comorbidities; A1C <7% otherwise) without severe (requiring external assistance) and/or symptomatic documented hypoglycemia (≤70 mg/dL). We report 12-month outcomes, which provide valuable insights on longer-term effectiveness and safety. At 12 months, 26.1% of patients using Gla-300 (vs. 23.7% using SoC-BIs) met the composite endpoint (odds ratio [OR] 1.14, 95% CI 0.97-1.35), and more attained HEDIS A1C targets without ADA-defined clinically significant (Level 2) hypoglycemia (<54 mg/dL) with Gla-300 vs. SoC-BIs (33.0% vs. 29.5%; OR 1.19, CI 1.02-1.38]). A1C reductions seen at 6 months were maintained to 12 months and comparable in patients using Gla-300 vs. SoC-BIs (mean change from baseline: -1.31% vs.-1.26%; nominal p=0.325). Similar mean changes from baseline in body weight (Gla-300: +1.55kg; SoC-BIs: +1.39kg) and insulin dose (+0.22 U/kg; both groups) were observed at 12 months. Drug-related treatment-emergent adverse events were similar across groups.

In summary, the 12-month analysis of the ACHIEVE Control study translated the findings of improved clinical outcomes for Gla-300 vs. SoC-BIs previously seen in randomized controlled trials to a broader real-world population managed in a usual care setting.


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