This retrospective study examines outcomes associated with use of IDegLira - a fixed-ratio insulin degludec/liraglutide combination - in a large real-world cohort of patients with type 2 diabetes in Sweden. Data were obtained from the Swedish National Diabetes Registry on patients who initiated IDegLira (index date) until the end of 2017 (or 30 June/1 January 2017 for 6M/12M for persistency analyses). Persistency at 6M was defined as ≥1 more IDegLira withdrawal within 6M of index date, and 12M persistency was ≥1 more withdrawal in M6-12. Clinical variables were assessed at baseline (closest measurement to index date in previous 12M) and 6M ± 45 days after IDegLira initiation. Mean daily IDegLira dose was calculated from volume withdrawn during defined time periods of ≥6M. Baseline characteristics for overall cohort (N=3000) are in Table. At 6 and 12M, 2281/2432 (94%) and 1482/1760 (84%) patients were persistent, respectively. In persistent patients, least squares mean [95% CI] change in A1C and body mass index was -0.9% [-1.0; -0.8] and -0.3 kg/m2 [-0.5; -0.2] at 6M, respectively and mean daily IDegLira dose was 32-35 U at all 180-day periods assessed (Table). After 6M, IDegLira use in Sweden is associated with improved A1C and no clinically significant change in BMI at a moderate mean daily insulin dose, and 84% were persistent at 12M.


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