Introduction: Glaritus® has been found comparable to reference insulin glargine in physico-chemical characteristics, pre-clinical studies and treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM).

Objective: To compare the immunogenicity, HbA1c reduction and safety of Glaritus® to Lantus® over 6 months treatment in type 2 DM.

Methods: This is an ongoing prospective, open-label, randomized, multicentre Phase IV study. Total 180 patients of type 2 DM, who were inadequately controlled on oral antidiabetic drugs, were randomized in 1:1 ratio to Glaritus® and reference insulin glargine treatment. Analysis of 144 patients, who completed 6 month comparative phase, is presented herewith.

Results: Baseline characteristics of both the treatment arms were comparable in terms of age, gender distribution and body mass index. Over the treatment period, mean anti-insulin antibody titre increased marginally, mean HbA1c reduced significantly and substantial percentage of patients attained HbA1c value <7% within each treatment arm. However, both arms were comparable (P>0.05) in terms of these changes. Both glargine treatments were found to be safe in terms of hypoglycemic events.

Conclusion: Glaritus® was found to be equally effective and safe in patients with inadequately controlled T2DM compared to reference insulin glargine.


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