Background: The glycaemic control among people with diabetes in India is very poor. This study evaluated the effectiveness an iPDM (integrated personalised self-management) in changing health behavior to improve blood glucose levels.

Methods: We used data from 883 participants (Average = 45.41 years; 72.71% male) who were using Accu-Chek® Active in conjunction with Wellthy Care™ digital therapeutic (WC DTx). The participants had to log the blood sugar values into the app manually. The WC DTx, developed in lines with AADE7 and RSSDI guidelines, includes skill-development through self-management education, and real time feedback and coaching through artificial intelligence (AI).

Results: The users were on the combination of the Accu-Chek® Active blood sugar monitor and its companion WC DTx for an average of 30.87 days. There was a significant difference between the mean first and last logged fasting blood sugar (FBS) (149.33 mg/dl vs. 132.83 mg/dl, p = 0.0013) and random blood sugar (202.20 mg/dl vs. 169.79 mg/dl, p = 0.004) values. The average per-user app interaction was 8.12 instances. A total of 2184 blood glucose measurements were logged with an average of 2.29 measurements per user. There was a step-wise decrease in FBS as the app engagement increased. The lowest tertile of app engagers reduced their FBS by 20.99 mg/dl (p=0.086), the middle tertile of app engagers reduced their FBS 23.98 mg/dl (p=0.038), and those in the highest tertile of app engagers reduced their FBS by 25.36 mg/dl (p=0.016). The reduction in random blood sugar in the highest level of app engagers was significant (p=0.04) than the reduction in the lowest (p=0.144) and middle tertile (0.296) of app engagers.

Conclusion: iPDM using Accu-Chek® Active along with Wellthy Care™ as a companion therapeutic, can help people with diabetes in India to improve self-management skills and overall blood sugar levels.


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