The time needed to reliably assess closed-loop performance in adults with sub-optimal glucose control (A1c 59 to 86 mmol/mol) including changes in behavioral adaptation is currently unknown. We combined data from 2 multi-national randomized closed-loop studies of 12-week duration (N=56; mean±SD, A1c 68±7mmol/mol, age 39±10 year, diabetes duration 21±9 year). For each participant, glucose sensor metrics were computed for the full 12-week period and restricting data to 60 time periods representing 1 to 60 days. For each metric, the association between the value from each sampling period and the value using all 12 weeks of data, determined using Pearson or Spearman correlation coefficient (r). The number of days needed to reach an ‘r’ value of 0.95 (equaling 90% of total variance) for different metrics, mean glucose, % time >180 mg/dl, 70-180mg/dL, >250mg/dL, <70mg/dl, <54mg/dl and coefficient of variation were 27, 24, 26, 33, 38, 49 and 47 days, respectively. Closed-loop usage was consistent throughout sampling periods between 80 and 82%.

In conclusion, closed-loop studies of 4-week duration are likely to provide representative data for mean glucose, normoglycemia and hyperglycemia while 6 weeks may be required for a reliable estimate of hypoglycemia and glucose variability.

Figure: Correlation coefficients of data collected over the full 12-week period and taken over the first 60 days.


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