Objective: Thirty-day hospital readmission (30-day RA) rates are a metric of healthcare quality. Limited data is available, whether increased glucose variability (GV) during the last day of hospital stay is associated with an increased risk of 30-day RA.

Design: Nationwide cohort of 1,042,859 admissions of patients with diabetes in the non-critical care setting in 129 Veteran Affairs hospitals, between 2001-2014. Coefficient of Variation (CV) was measured using point of care- glucometer values and was used as measurement of GV, divided into ten equal categories (tentiles). Covariates, including demographics, socio-economic and hospital related factors and up to 30 comorbidities were collected. Poisson regression was used to determine if CV during the last stay day of the hospitalization was associated with 30-day RA.

Results: After adjusting for age, gender and race (Model 1), there was a gradual increase in 30-day RA ratio among admissions with higher CV. Following adjusting for all the covariates collected (Model 2), only admissions with the highest CV demonstrated an increased 30-day RA. The rate ratios and 95% CIs were 1.049 (1.026, 1.073, p<0.0001), 1.038 (1.015,1.061, p=0.0011), 1.065 (1.042,1.089, p<0.0001), for the 8th, 9th and the 10th tentiles respectively, compared to those with CV in the 1st tentile. In Model 3, after adjusting for covariates used in Model 2 and for hypoglycemia, results remained statistically significant for those admissions with the highest CV [rate ratios and 95% CIs are 1.044 (1.021,1.068, p=0.0001), 1.028 (1.006,1.052, p=0.014), 1.042 (1.018,1.067, p=0.0005) for the 8th, 9th and the 10th tentiles].

Conclusions: Higher glucose variability during the last day of hospitalization was associated with increased 30-day RA rates after adjustment for multiple covariates and hypoglycemia.


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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (1I01CX001825-01)

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