Diabetes Care Network is a telemedicine based collaborative care pathway with team-based approach to improve diabetes care and scale the endocrine expertise. Veterans with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes were identified from electronic database, consultation completed via E-consult, and continuity care collaborated with primary care liaisons. We studied the efficacy and sustainability of our approach in improving diabetes care over 12 months.

Methods: Means (+/-SD), frequencies and percentages were presented, and Spearman correlations were assessed. Statistical significance set at p<0.05. Cohort (n=87) was predominantly white (90.8%) males (97.7%), with a mean age 67.2 (8.9), and had an average of 3.3 co-morbid conditions, 0.7 macro and 1.3 micro-vascular complications. Significant decline in A1C occurred from baseline A1C of 10.2% (1.4), to 8.1% (0.99) at 3 months, 7.6% (0.96) at 6 months, and 7.5 % (0.86) at 12 months (all p<0.0001). Proportion of patients out of 87 who achieved A1C of <8 were 38 (43.6%), 56 (64%), and 56 (64%) and those who achieved A1C <7 were 10 (11.4%), 21(24.1%), and 23 (26.4%) at 3, 6, and 12 months respectively. Non-significant improvements were noted in Weight {229.3 lbs (48.1) to 228.4 lbs (46.9)}, LDL {89.0 mg/dl (36.4) to 79.5 mg/dl (32.5)}, systolic BP {130.5 mmHg (16.1) to 123.9 mmHg (17.5)}, and triglycerides {226.9 mg/dl (195.3) to 159.3 (97.4)}. Compared to 12 months pre-enrollment period, no difference in healthcare utilization (ER visits or admissions) was noted in study period. From baseline to completion, non-significant improvement was noted in the use of anti-platelet agents, ACE/ARB, moderate to high-intensity statins and, in the frequency of Urine micro albumin measurements, annual foot and retinal exams.

Conclusion: A paradigm shift in diabetes care delivery is urgently needed. Use of telehealth technologies based collaborative pathways can scale the endocrine expertise and help attain better care for diabetic patients.


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