Youth with type 1 diabetes (T1D) require 24/7 access to T1D management supplies. This study aims to characterize access to T1D supplies when youth are away from home. We emailed a comprehensive survey to 4756 parents of T1D Exchange participants <18 years old; 752 respondents completed the survey (83% completed by parents). Results were age-stratified: <6 (N=21), 6-12 (N=271) and 13-18 (N=459). The majority of youth carry rapid-acting insulin most of the time or always, yet the proportion decreases as age increases (Table 1). ≥80% of injection users carry an extra pen or syringe, while >55% of pump users carry an extra infusion set. Among CGM users, 100% of ≤6 years old vs. 67% of adolescents carry a receiver or phone; 33% of 13-18 years old never carry an extra sensor. 38% of youth ≤6 years old vs. 27% of teens carry blood or urine ketone testing supplies. In total, 64% reported carrying glucose tablets or gel; 87% carry another rapid acting carbohydrate. 64% of respondents carry glucagon, again decreasing across adolescence. Over 2/3 carry at least one form of T1D identification. Technology to optimize glycemic control and detect/prevent acute complications of T1D have improved. Yet, adolescents are less likely than younger T1D-affected youth, to carry supplies to detect, prevent and/or treat acute events. These findings call for novel and ongoing T1D emergency preparedness training to strike a balance between supervision and autonomy of adolescents.


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