Background: Youth with T2D experience barriers to obtaining diabetes care. We evaluated whether healthcare utilization (HCU) was associated with glycemic outcomes in youth with T2D.

Methods: We evaluated annual HCU in 1,324 T2D PDC youth by diabetes duration up to 13 years post diagnosis. Medical record and self-reported HCU data were collected at enrollment and annually. Frequency of diabetes related inpatient admissions, Emergency Department (ED), urgent care, Diabetes Management (DM), Registered Dietician (RD) visits, and 911 calls were collected.

Results: After adjusting for age, gender, diabetes duration, and annual visits, those with ≥1 admission/year, regardless of admission reason, (16%) had a higher A1c vs. those without admission, 8.8 vs. 8.4% (p=0.002). Those with ≥2 DM office visits/year (75%) had lower A1c vs. those with 0-1 visits, 8.4 vs. 8.8% (p=0.001). BMI and A1c did not differ by number of RD visits (p=0.63 and 0.39 respectively); RD visits/year decreased over time.

Conclusions: In T2D youth, hospitalizations and <2 DM office visits/year are associated with higher A1c. Frequencies of ED and inpatient admissions for T2D are stable following the first year of T2D diagnosis. Only 24-38% of T2D youth had 4 DM visits/year while ∼50% have ≥3 visits a year, even with long T2D duration. Methods to improve follow-up care are needed to improve outcomes in youth with T2D.


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