The MPC facilitates entry of pyruvate into the Krebs cycle and in the setting of over nutrition, is critical to adverse manifestations including T2D and NASH. MSDC-0602K is a novel insulin sensitizer engineered to modulate pyruvate utilization with minimal ppar-γ activity. The EMMINENCE study is examining its effects on NASH and glycemia. U.S. sites (57) enrolled 402 patients with liver biopsy evidence of NASH and fibrosis; >50% of subjects with T2D (not taking insulin/pioglitazone) with entry HbA1c ≤ 9.5%. Randomization was 1:1:1:1 to daily oral doses of MSDC-0602K (62.5, 125, and 250mg) or placebo. Safety and glycemia were examined when 328 subjects reached 6 mo visit: 59% female, median age 57, 52% diabetic. (See Table) No meaningful changes in lipids, heart rate or BP were noted. The % of subjects reporting 1 or more adverse events was equal across all 4 cohorts. Importantly, the frequency of peripheral edema was 11% at baseline and unchanged across cohorts at 6 months. MSDC-0602K shows potent effects on glycemic control parameters and insulin sensitization with modest expected weight gain and no evidence of peripheral edema at 6 months, a key ppar-γ related side effect of first generation TZDs. This drug shows promise for glycemic control in NASH patients with T2D/insulin resistance.


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