Background: Long-term real-life data of SAP in pediatric T1D patients are scarce.

Objectives: To assess the impact of 12 months use of SAP in a nationwide study of pediatric T1D patients on HbA1c, hypoglycemia and quality of life1 according to age.

Methods: Between 12/2014 and 02/2017, 75 children entered Belgian reimbursement system for SAP and were followed for 12 months. Study endpoints included change in HbA1c at 0-4-8-12 months; time-in-hypoglycemia (<70mg/dl) and time-in-severe-hypoglycemia (<50mg/dl) (%/day) at 0-12 months; and QoL2 at 0-12 months. Puberty was defined as age ≥11.6y in boys and ≥11.2y in girls.

Results: Seventy-three patients used SAP for 12 months. Baseline HbA1c (7.2±0.7%) decreased to 7.1±0.8% at 4 months (p=0.02), remained stable at 8 months (p=0.03) and 12 months (p=0.15). In pubertal children (n=29) baseline was 7.1±0.7%. It decreased to 6.8±0.7% at 4 months (p=0.003), increased to 7.0±0.8% at 8 months (p=0.02) and to 7.1±0.8% at 12 months (p=0.20). In prepubertal children (n=43) baseline Hb1Ac was 7.3±0.7%; and evolved towards 7.1±0.8% at 12 months (p=0.40).

In pubertal children, time-in-hypoglycemia decreased from 7.1±6.9% to 5.7±5.1% (p=0.06) the first year, while time-in-severe-hypoglycemia did not significantly change (1.0±1.7% to 1.3±2.0%). In prepubertal children, both parameters did not significantly change (5,9±5,4% to 5,6±3,4% - 0,8±1,4% to 1,1±1,4%).

In pubertal children and their parents, QoL did not significantly change. In prepubertal children, satisfaction scores improved after 12months from 67±12 to 70±9 (p=0.026).

Conclusions: One year reimbursement of SAP in pediatric T1D patients improved HbA1c in the first 8 months in all; tended to decrease hypoglycemia in pubertal children; while improving QoL in prepubertal children.

1RESCUE-NCT02601729. 2Impact, satisfaction, worry (children) and parents.


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