SAR341402 (SAR-Asp) is a biosimilar/follow-on insulin to NovoLog® (NN-Asp). This non-confirmatory, randomized, open-label, 2x4 week, 2 arm crossover study in 45 T1D patients (NCT03436498) was designed to assess the safety of SAR-Asp and NN-Asp when used in pumps (CSII) in terms of infusion set occlusions (ISO).

The primary safety endpoint was to assess the number of patients with ISO using SAR-Asp and NN-Asp. ISO was defined as infusion set change due to failure to correct hyperglycemia (plasma glucose ≥250 mg/dL) by insulin bolus via the pump. The secondary safety endpoint was to assess the incidence of all cases of unexplained hyperglycemia events whether or not corrected by a bolus through the insulin pump with no apparent materials defects, medical, dietary, insulin dosing, or pump failure including infusion set occlusions as defined in the primary safety endpoint.

The number of patients reporting at least one ISO was: 14/43 (32.6%) patients on SAR-Asp and 12/43 (27.9%) on NN-Asp (Table 1). The number of patients with at least one unexplained hyperglycemia was 31/43 (72.1%) on SAR-Asp and 32/43 (74.4%) on NN-Asp. The total number of unexplained hyperglycemia was 329: 154 on SAR-Asp and 175 on NN-Asp.

In this study SAR-Asp and NN-Asp were well-tolerated. There was no difference in the safety profiles including ISO, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, hypersensitivity and injection site reactions when used in CSII.


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