Appropriate insulin titration is critical in helping people with T2DM meet glycemic targets, but rates of successful self-adjustment are low, highlighting a need for additional support. My Dose Coach (MDC) is an FDA-approved digital tool that combines a smartphone app for people with T2D and a web portal for healthcare professionals (HCPs). HCPs define an individualized long-acting BI dose plan, which MDC uses to give dose recommendations based on the user’s fasting blood glucose (FBG) readings and hypoglycemic event data. MDC was introduced in India in 2018.

We evaluated real-world outcomes from people with T2D in India who were registered for MDC between Sep 1 and Dec 31, 2018. FBG and BI dose were logged directly by users in the MDC app. Users who reached goal were defined as those who logged three consecutive FBG measurements within their prescribed target range during their care plan.

There were 337 people who were registered with MDC and had logged >1 FBG reading; 113 (34%) reached their FBG goal, 27 (8%) were still titrating and 197 (58%) were no longer actively using MDC (discontinued without reaching goal). Mean (SD) time to FBG target in the ‘at goal’ cohort was 25 (26.9) days. In this cohort, mean (95% CI) FBG at baseline was 165.8 (156.4, 175.1) mg/dL, which decreased to 108.0 (106.7, 109.2) mg/dL at goal (p<0.001). Mean (95% CI) BI dose increased from 16.2 (15.1, 17.4) units at baseline to 19.4 (17.6, 21.2) units at goal (p=0.012). Over the entire observation period, 35% of participants in the ‘at goal’ group experienced hypoglycemia (FBG <70 mg/dL or below individual HCP-defined cut-off of at least 70 mg/dL); mean 0.62 events.

Most participants who continuously used MDC were able to successfully titrate BI and achieve target FBG. These data are very encouraging, showing the potential for simple digital titration tools, in appropriately selected people with T2D, to engage users in their own care, decrease the HCP burden and accelerate FBG target achievement in a resource-limited setting.


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