The objective was to explore parental reason for adding CGM to child’s T1D management and relationships with parental anxiety and stress. Prior to CGM initiation as part of routine care, the primary caregiver of a child with T1D completed validated questionnaires including Fear of Hypoglycemia Scale, State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, Problem Areas in Diabetes Scale, as well as an investigator developed questionnaire assessing primary reason for starting CGM. Participants were grouped by primary reason for starting CGM. ANOVA methods were used to compare baseline characteristics and questionnaire scores (Table 1). Results of the Global F test are reported. Half of caregivers (16/32) were starting CGM with the goal of improving glycemic control and their children had a nominally higher HbA1c than the other groups. There were no differences in demographic characteristics or scores among the groups, although a nominally higher percentage of those who chose less fear of hypoglycemia had an elevated score (>45) on the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory.

In summary, while not reaching statistical significance, results suggest that caregivers have different reasons for starting CGM in their children which may be found to be related to their emotional state in future studies with larger samples.

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