Around 75% of adults with T1D do not achieve glycemic control, putting them at risk of macrovascular complications. This observational study evaluated prevalence of CVD and cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF) in T1D and the economic impact on U.S. payers. Adults with T1D were identified using previously published criteria and a large health plan claims dataset. Descriptive and multivariate analyses were performed to compare economic outcomes between those with/without CVD/CVRF. A total of 12687 adults with T1D met the study criteria; prevalence of CVD and CVRF were 23% and 42%, respectively. Patients with CVD/CVRF had significantly (P<0.05) greater healthcare utilization compared with those without CVD/CVRF. Percentage of hospitalized patients (CVD: 11%; CVRF: 27%; none: 8%) and mean number of outpatient physician visits (CVD: 8.1±7.6; CVRF: 5.0±5.1; none: 3.5±3.6) were higher among CVD comorbid patients vs. those without comorbidity. Significantly higher overall costs, as well as higher inpatient, outpatient, ED, and prescription costs, were observed for the CVD and CVRF cohorts vs. the No CVD/CVRF cohort (Figure). The results were consistent for all-cause and diabetes-related parameters after adjusting for confounding factors. Over 1 in 5 adults with T1D have CVD and 2 in 5 have a CVRF, with higher healthcare expenditures vs. those without. Better management of CVD in T1D could significantly reduce the economic burden and improve patient outcomes.

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