Aims: Rats born to mothers subjected to caloric restriction (CR) during pregnancy and lactation exhibit reduced birth weight and adiposity in adult life. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) are nuclear receptors that play important roles in adipocytes differentiation. The aim of our study is to evaluate if antenatal exposition PPAR-gamma (Pioglitazone) or PPAR-alpha (Gemfibrozil) activators are able to affect energy metabolism in the offspring born from rats subjected to RC during pregnancy and lactation.

Methods: Wistar rats were kept under CR from the 11th day of pregnancy until the 21st day after delivery. Pioglitazone (10mg/kg) or Gemfibrozil (90mg/kg) were offered during the period of CR (offspring were CR+Pio and CR+Gem, respectively). Adult female offspring were subjected to indirect calorimetry, thermal infra-red imaging of BAT, VLDL production assay and DEXA for body composition.

Results: The body weight in adult CR+Gem, but not in CR+Pio, was higher than that of offspring born to CR mother. CR+Pio had reduced energy expenditure (EE) and higher relative weight of the perigonadal and retroperitoneal fat pads. On the other hand, adult CR+Gem had no changes in EE and visceral adiposity when compared to RC but presented increased whole-body adiposity as revealed by DEXA analysis. Although hepatic triglycerides (TG) or VLDL production were not altered in offspring born to CR mothers and in CR+Pio, these parameters were downregulated in RC+Gem. Both RC+Pio and RC+Gem had reduced temperature of the interscapular brown adipose tissue when compared to CR.

Conclusion: Maternal activation of PPAR-gamma increases visceral adiposity and reduces EE in the offspring born to mothers subjected to CR during pregnancy. Maternal activation of PPAR-alpha instead, increased body weight and reduced hepatic steatosis of the offspring born to mother exposed to CR.


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