Liver fatty acid-binding protein (FABP1) is associated with intracellular transportation of fatty acids. However, only few studies indicated the relationship between serum FABP1 and metabolism. This study aimed to investigate the association of FABP1 levels and metabolism factors, and its change with laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) in Chinese. The cross-sectional analysis included a total of 187 subjects, of which 65 were with normal weight (BMI 18-24 kg/m2), 59 with over weight (BMI25-27 kg/m2), and 64 with obesity (BMI≥28 kg/m2). We found FABP1 levels in obese (303±235pg/ml, p<0.05) and over-weight (189±187pg/ml, p<0.07) subjects were significantly higher than those in normal-weight subjects (142±93pg/ml), and higher in NAFLD (225±220pg/ml, p< 0.01) than in those without (129±74pg/ml) as well. In order to further investigated the correlation between FABP1 and metabolic factors, we performed a linear-regression analysis. We found FABP1 was positively correlated with BMI (R2=0.201, p<0.001), ALT(R2=0.324, p<0.001), AST(R2=0.387, p<0.001), m-AST(R2=0.160, p<0.001),[[γ]]-GT(R2=0.106, p<0.001), DBIL(R2=0.078, p= 0.001), UA(R2 =0.111, p<0.001), FBG(R2=0.066, p<0.001), LDL(R2 =0.042, p=0.005) and negatively correlated with HDL(R2 =0.051, p= 0.002). Moreover, we also enrolled 25 severely obese patients who underwent LSG to observe its effects on FABP1. We found with the decline of BMI after surgery, FABP1(294±211pg/ml) were also gradient decreased at 3-month (230±227pg/ml, p=0.463), 6-month (144±154pg/ml, p=0.09) and 12-month (115±32pg/ml, p=0.045).

In conclusion, serum FABP1 were correlated with obesity and NAFLD, and it might be an important mediator participating in metabolism disorders.


H. You: None. Z. Lin: None. C. Zhu: None. X. Wen: None. M. Zhang: None. S. Qu: None.


National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFC1314101); National Natural Science Foundation of China (81700752, 81500687)

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