Objectives: To determine the relationship between the Pre-DM and the PD frequency in patients with significant obesity and also between the Pre-DM as part of the metabolic syndrome (MS) and the PD in these patients.

Methods: Retrospective cohort study with patients with severe obesity from an unit of multidisciplinary management of obesity. They were distinguished in patients with Pre-DM or normoglycemia. The outcome was the presence and degree of PD with the Modified Periodontal Index of Russell (MPIR).

Results: There were evaluated 62 patients, half of them with Pre-DM. The Pre-DM vs. normoglycemia cohorts had: weight (in kg) 133,3±37,2 vs. 114,7±20,7 (p 0,01) and BMI 49,1±12,9 vs. 43,1±6,3 (p 0,02). According to the MPIR no patient was healthy. In the Pre-DM and normoglycemia cohorts the frequency of gingivitis and periodontitis was equal: 22,5 and 77,4% respectively. The frequency of severe periodontitis (SP) was 51,6% in patients with Pre-DM and 29,03% with normoglycemia (RR 1,77 - p 0,06). The SP was more frequent with higher fasting glucose levels: 29,4, 38,7 and 57,14% for each tertile respectively, as well as with greater BMI: 28,9, 50 and 75% for each tertile. Among patients with Pre-DM and BMI ≥ 45,9 kg/m2, 75% had SP vs. 26,7% of those with lower BMI (RR 2,81 - p 0, 01). Amidst patients with vs. without MS: 44,2 vs. 31,6% had SP (RR 1,39 - p 0,3). The frequency of SP had a fairly linear rise with the increase in the number of elements of the MS: 20, 36, 37, 53 and 43% in the presence of 1 to 5 elements of MS respectively (p > 0,05).

Conclusions: The PD was not more common in patients with Pre-DM. SP was more frequent in those patients with Pre-DM, with a greater and statistically significant difference in those with more severe degrees of obesity. These results show that in the context of severe obesity and MS, even mild hyperglycemia seems to be related to SP and the need to request an evaluation of oral health in this group of patients.


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