Objectives: To compare the laboratory features between elderly (aged ≥60) diabetic patients with community-acquired pneumonia(CAP) and elderly diabetic patients without CAP.

Methods: This is a retrospective data analysis of in-hospital subjects. A total of 121 elderly patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes: 41 with CAP and 80 without CAP. The course of disease was similar between the two groups. Mean (SD) age of patients with CAP was 70.84 (5.37) years, mean (SD) age of patients without CAP was 68.32(5.19) years. Laboratory data of the two groups were compared using univariate analysis.

Results: Fasting serum albumin, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and 24-hour urine calcium, 24-hour urine phosphorus in elderly diabetic patients with CAP were significantly lower than those in elderly diabetic patients without CAP. Elderly diabetic patients with CAP had lower albumin: 33.73 (4.85) vs. 38.84 (4.93) g/L, p<0.05, sodium: 134.98 (7.05) vs. 138.77 (6.77) mmol/L, p<0.05, calcium:2.23 (0.13) vs. 2.35 (0.15) mmol/L, p<0.05, phosphorus: 0.92 (0.22) vs. 1.14 (0.22) mmol/L, p<0.05, 24-hour urine calcium: 111.30 (75.02) vs. 185.23 (127.49) mg/24 hours, p<0.05, and 24-hour urine phosphorus:340.48 (227.62) vs. 462.19 (286.73) mg/24 hours, p<0.05. No significant differences were found in levels of fasting blood glucose, insulin, HbA1c, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, alkaline phosphatase.

Conclusion: In-hospital type 2 diabetes patients aged 60 and older complicated by CAP had a lower serum albumin, sodium, calcium and phosphorus compared with elderly diabetic patients without CAP. These differences should elicit medical attention and may be the risk factors for the elderly diabetic patients complicating CAP.


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