Objective: The prototype enhanced hybrid closed-loop (E-HCL) system has iterative changes from the current HCL system that include automated correction boluses to address hyperglycemia and improved usability. User experience with this system was qualitatively assessed after a 1-week supervised hotel phase and 3-week at-home phase.

Method: Twelve adults (median age 48 [39-57] years and HbA1c 6.8% [6.2-7.2%]) with type 1 diabetes were asked to complete a Medtronic-developed survey (5-point scale) after completing a hotel and at-home phase of E-HCL system use. In addition, they were interviewed for an hour after completing the study.

Result: After completion of both phases, 100% of respondents rated the E-HCL system 5.0±0.0, the best therapy they have ever been on, all rated their overall satisfaction as extremely satisfied or very satisfied (4.8±0.4) with a net promoter score (NPS) of 100%. Reasons for high satisfaction were improved overall time in range, reduced highs after meals, increased time in Auto Mode, and reduced daily effort required to manage diabetes. All participants stated that they trusted the system to take care of their glucose and that it significantly increased their flexibility and confidence in taking care of their diabetes.

Conclusion: All users reported a high level of satisfaction with the prototype E-HCL system and believed it improved their outcomes while reducing their day to day effort in managing diabetes.


M. Sadeghzadeh: Employee; Self; Medtronic.

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