The aim was to describe baseline and compare CVD risks between full populations of T1D vs. T2D patients. All T1D and T2D patients in Sweden were identified in nationwide health care registries and followed from year 2013 until death or year 2016, 3 years. The following CVD diagnoses were explored: myocardial infarction (MI), heart failure (HF), stroke and CV mortality and chronic kidney disease (CKD). First, age stratified categories were used to compare baseline CVD and CKD in T1D vs. T2D. Second, age stratified event rates were compared for CVD and CKD in T1D vs. T2D. In total 47,424 T1D and 364,293 T2D patients were identified. Crude baseline showed that T1D patients were younger (40.6 vs. 67.0 years), had less CVD (11.7% vs. 31.0%), and more CKD (3.6% vs. 3.3%) and severe hypoglycaemia (1.7% vs. 0.5%). First, age-stratification at baseline showed that T1D vs. T2D had similar CVD prevalence, where HF prevalence increased markedly from 60 years and older, and MI/stroke from 55 years. CKD prevalence was higher at all ages in T1D vs. T2D. Second, age-stratified CV event rates were similar for T1D vs. T2D, slightly higher for HF and MI in T1D (Figure). CKD event rates were higher in T1D vs. T2D.

In summary, CVD showed similar prevalence and risks in T1D compared to T2D patients. A slightly increased HF and MI risk at younger age was observed in T1D. CKD was both more prevalent and showed greater risk in T1D across all ages.


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