Unique in the UK armoury of injectable agents for diabetes, the combination IdegLira offers the clinical advantages of degludec and liraglutide, with the convenience of a once daily injection. The ABCD IDegLira audit, commenced in April 2017, is a nationwide audit evaluating whether the favourable effects of IDegLira on HbA1c and weight previously shown in clinical trials translate into similar advantages when the agent is used in real clinical practice. Data to date has been obtained nationwide via two routes: a physician populated online audit tool and a cloud-based IT system (Eclipse), capable of integrating with existing primary care systems to facilitate audit, risk stratification and patient empowerment. The inclusion criteria were people with type 2 diabetes started on IDegLira, who had HbA1c and weight measured at baseline and 6 months into treatment. Baseline values were defined as the most recent values in the 6-month period prior to initiation of IDegLira. Endpoint data was accepted within a collection window of +/- 45 days. We identified thirty-five patients for HbA1c (15M, 20F, mean ± SD age 57.4 ± 8.2) and twenty-eight patients for weight (13M, 15F, mean ± SD age 75.0 ± 8.6). Baseline HbA1c and weight were compared with the 6-month values with 2-sided p-values using a paired T Test. Mean ± SD HbA1c fell by 1.43% ± 2.04, from 10.17% ± 1.93 to 8.73% ± 1.74 (p<0.0005). Mean ± SD weight fell by 0.53kg ± 5.77, from 105.24kg ± 24.44 to 104.71kg ± 24.17 (p=0.63). These findings confirm that real world experience with IDegLira is consistent with trial evidence, showing statistically significant reductions in HbA1c and a lack of weight gain. IDegLira is therefore a valuable option when treatment intensification is required in patients with type 2 diabetes. Given that the total yearly cost of IDegLira is less than separate degludec and liraglutide at the equivalent dose, these data would support use of the combination product.


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Association of British Clinical Diabetologists

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