We previously reported that maintenance of significant weight loss for up to 5 years was attainable in real-world clinical practice among patients with diabetes and obesity and had a positive impact on cardiovascular risk factors. This was predicted by the ability to achieve ≥7% weight loss at 1 year through intensive lifestyle intervention (ILI). In this longitudinal study of the same cohort, we report the 10-year follow-up results. The study included 129 patients with diabetes and obesity enrolled in a 12-week ILI program designed for real-world clinical practice. At 1 year, we divided participants into group A, who maintained <7% weight loss (61 patients, 47.3%), and group B, who maintained ≥7% weight loss (68 patients, 52.7%). We prospectively followed them for 10 years. The total cohort lost on average 10.8±4.6 Kg (-9.7%) at 12 weeks and maintained an average weight loss of 7.7±10 Kg (-6.9%) at 10 years. Group A maintained 4.3±9.5 Kg (-4.3%) and group B maintained 10.8±9.3 Kg (-9.3%) of weight loss at 10 years (P<0.001). In group A, A1C decreased from 7.5±1.3% to 6.7±0.9% at 12 weeks but rebounded to 7.7±1.4% at one year and 8.0±1.9% at 10 years. In group B, A1C decreased from 7.4±1.2% to 6.4±0.9% at 12 weeks and rose to 6.8±1.2% at one year and 7.3±1.5% at 10 years (P<0.05 between groups). Despite weight regain, group A maintained significant improvements in LDL and HDL cholesterol, had no change in BP, but significant worsening of serum triglycerides (TG) at 10 years. Group B maintained similar improvements in lipid profile, had a non-significant increase in serum TG at 10 years, but lower BP for the initial 18 months.

In conclusion, significant weight reduction in patients with diabetes can be maintained for up to 10 years in real-world clinical practice. A1C and TG worsened with weight regain, while other lipid improvements were maintained. Sustained weight loss is associated with significantly better A1C at 10 years.


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