The enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol is a perioperative care pathway adopted in health systems across the nation as part of quality improvement efforts. A bundle of 20 elements demonstrated improved clinical and financial outcomes. A key element promotes carbohydrate loading a few hours before surgery using beverages such as Boost or ClearFast. There is limited data on pre-DM and DM patients and no clear guidelines on use in these populations.

Scripps Health, a large health system in Southern California, adopted the ERAS protocol as a systemwide approach for care improvement in the perioperative process in 2018. Pre-DM and DM patients were represented more commonly in the bariatric surgery group thus providing an opportunity to compare outcomes in these patients receiving a carbohydrate loaded beverage pre and post implementation of the standardized ERAS protocol.

We compared N=97 bariatric pre-DM and DM patients who did not receive Clearfast from Jan-Sept 2017 to N=64 bariatric pre-DM and DM patients who received Clearfast from Jan-Sept 2018. See Table 1.

Interestingly, in patients with pre-DM and DM, there was a substantial increase in pre-op hyperglycemia but a post-op decrease was noted when a carb-loaded beverage-Clearfast was given to patients prior to bariatric surgery when compared to the previous year when ERAS and carb loading were not part of the perioperative preparation process.

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