Background: Allegheny Health Network Diabetes Support Initiate for Primary Care (AHN DSIPC) developed the Diabetes Clinical Quality Reporting Tool (DCQRT) to assess diabetes measures in primary care practices (practices).

Methods: The data for the DCQRT was accessed via PROC SQL for SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 from the Clarity Prod Copy of our EPIC Electronic Health Record. The data was shared with practices in aggregated format with Tableau. Patients were attributed to a practice based on primary care provider designation in EPIC. Patients’ data was included if the following criteria were met: in the EPIC diabetes registry; between age 18 to 75; seen in the practice at least once within the report quarter. The DCQRT includes 7 measures shown in the Table. For the A1C measure, we risk tiered patients based on the antidiabetes medication as a surrogate for disease severity. A1C at goal was assigned as follows: no antidiabetes medication<7%; oral antidiabetes medication<7.5%; non-insulin injectable antidiabetes medication<8%; insulin <9%.

Results: See Table.

Table notes: * Performed within the last year# Age 40-75 ^data available in Q4 2016.

Conclusion: The DCQRT allowed assessment of diabetes measures in practices in a health network. The DCQRT has allowed practices to see data in an aggregate form and base quality improvement initiatives.

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