Background: The impact of recent advances of oral antidiabetic agent on insulin users is unclear.

Methods: A retrospective observational and comparative study using medical records of patients who were prescribed insulin at our facility between 2009 and 2017 for various parameters, excluding dialysis patients.

Results: The number of insulin users was almost negligible (309-311 people). The age of the subjects was shifted to the old side on the frequency distribution polygon. The number of subjects who used ≥1 oral antidiabetic agents concurrently increased from 17.0% to 80.0%, especially among those aged >80 years (about 8 times). HbA1c value remained negligible from 8.1% to 8.1%.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest an increasing number of patients with insulin secretory dysfunction masked using of oral antidiabetic agents.


A. Kokita: None. M. Araki: None.

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