Objective: To examine the extent to which circulating levels of omentin and fractalkine are dependent on the degree of adipose tissue accumulation, waist circumference, plasma insulin and НО??-IR in representatives of Ukrainian population.

Materials and Methods: 250 individuals mean age of 65.48±11.86 years were examined; waist circumference was measured; adipose tissue mass was assessed by bio-impedance with relative body weight. Content of insulin, blood fractalkine and omentin were determined by immune enzyme method and НО??-IR index was calculated.

Results: There was an inverse correlation between blood fractalkine and omentin levels(r = -0.863, p<0.001). Blood fractalkine level correlates positively with adipose mass of the body(r=0.5341, p<0.001)); waist circumference- (r =0.4542, p<0.001); insulinemia (r =0.7798, p<0.001) and НО??-IR levels (r= 0.745, p<0.001). Omentin level correlates negatively with adipose body mass(r = -0.609, p<0.001); waist circumference- (r = -0.397, p<0.001); insulinemia (r = -0.799, p<0.001) and НО??-IR levels (r = -0.7706, p<0.001). The data also showed that accumulation of adipose mass greater than 25% of total body mass determines an increase in blood fractalkine levels up to750 ng/mL and higher, and НО??-IR> 2.77 is associated with decreased omentin levels down to500 ng/mL and less.

Conclusion: These data indicate strong associations, which suggest that there may be an important role for fractalkine and omentin in markers of diabetes mellitus and obesity.


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