The HypoDE study demonstrated that real-time continuous glucose monitoring (rtCGM) can reduce biochemical as well as clinical hypoglycemia in people with hypoglycemia problems. However, it is not clear how quick a reduction of low glucose values via rtCGM occurs and how sustainable this is. We analyzed the rtCGM group of the HypoDE study and compared the 4-week baseline phase with masked rtCGM to three 4-week intervals within the therapy/outcome phase (T/O phase) with open rtCGM (Dexcom G5). Only participants with no recent experience with CGM were included. At baseline, 6.5±6.2% of the glucose values of the 75 participants were below 70 mg/dl and 2.5±3.3% were below 54 mg/dl. In the first week, these percentages dropped significantly to 2.9±0.4%, respectively 0.7±1.3%. For the remainder of the T/O phase, these percentages stayed stable (not crossing the lower 95% CI interval of the baseline values; see Figure). Time-in-Range (TIR) improved significantly in the first 12 weeks and then started to drop to baseline level. rtCGM results in an immediate and significant reduction of level 1 (< 70 mg/dl) and level 2 (< 54 mg/dl) hypoglycemic values. This initial effect can be sustained throughout the entire study period without wear off. The avoidance of hypoglycemia was not associated with a deterioration of TIR.


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