Background: A nationwide needs assessment survey identified suboptimal knowledge of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGM) among pediatric endocrinology fellows.

Objectives: We developed and assessed the impact of an online, spaced education curriculum- Technology Knowledge Optimization in type 1 diabetes (TeKnO T1D)- on fellows’ knowledge of these technologies.

Methods: Endocrine fellows nationwide were invited to participate in this ongoing prospective, randomized cross over study. The pretest assessment included 20 multiple choice questions. A commercially available electronic spaced education platform (QStream) was used to deliver the material. The posttest assessment was identical and also included two questions assessing reactions to the curriculum. A linear multivariable regression was used to compare the deltas (pre-post) between the two groups adjusted for fellowship year and other covariates.

Results: Sixty-one fellows completed the pretest assessment. To date, 21 (68%) and 18 (60%) fellows have completed the pump and CGM curricula, respectively. Fellows who received the pump curriculum had a 41% greater mean improvement on the posttest questions focused on insulin pumps as compared to the fellow who completed the CGM curriculum (95% CI, 1.05, 1.88). Fellows who completed the CGM curriculum had a 70% greater mean improvement on the post-test questions focused on CGMs as compared to fellows who completed the pump curriculum (95% CI, 1.22, 1.37). The greatest improvements were seen in the following topics: interpretation of CGM trend arrows, pump management during exercise, managing pump disconnections, and unique features of different CGM systems. 97% of fellows agreed or strongly agreed that they enjoyed TeKnO T1D.

Conclusion: TeKnO T1D is an effective, enjoyable way to improve T1D technology knowledge across a large group of geographically dispersed fellows. This learning modality may also have applications for other healthcare professionals as well as patients and families.


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Pediatric Endocrine Society; Boston Children's Hospital

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