Background and Objective: To observe the feasibility, efficacy and safety of al-PRP in the treatment of diabetic lower extremity ulcers. Furthermore, to explore the difference between au-PRP treatment, al-PRP treatment and only conventional treatment groups.

Methods: A total of 75 inpatients with diabetic lower limbs ulcer (DLLU) were divided into au-PRP group (n=20), al-PRP group (n=25), conventional treatment group (n=30). All three groups were administered basic diabetic treatments. In addition, the above three different treatment methods were given. The feasibility, curative effect and safety of au-PRP in the treatment of DLLU were evaluated by observing wound healing time, the average daily healing area and adverse reactions.

Results: No significant differences were observed in duration of diabetes, age, glycosylated hemoglobin, ankle brachial index, transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, IL-6, etc. among three groups (P>0.05). There was no significant difference in ulcer area and ulcer number between the three groups (8.43±6.93 cm2 vs. 5.64±3.91 cm2 vs. 9.73±9.72 cm2, P=0.19); The times and average of PRP treatment between two PRP groups have no significant difference (P>0.05). In the healing time, the al-PRP group and the au-PRP group were significantly shorter than the control group (56.9±29.22 days vs. 55.6±33.8 days vs. 88.0±43.4 days, P<0.01), while there was no significant difference between the al-PRP group and the au-PRP group (P>0.05). There was no significant difference in the average daily healing area (mm2) between the three groups (P>0.05). No significant adverse reactions (infection, itchy skin, redness, rash, etc.) were observed in two PRP groups.

Conclusions: Al-PRP can effectively and safely promote the healing of diabetic lower extremity wounds. Al-PRP could be used as a beneficial cell therapy supplement when au-PRP is limited.


W. Deng: None. M. He: None. B. Chen: None. Y. Ma: None. D. Armstrong: None. J. Boey: None.


Natural Science Foundation of Chongqing (81500596)

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