The objective was to evaluate whether high risk diabetic patients are willing to implement wearable technology to prevent diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) formation. There is increasing evidence that self-monitoring devices for DFU prevention may be effective. However, there is a paucity of literature assessing the willingness of patients to employ these technologies for DFU prevention. We analyzed patient interest around advancing wearable technology through an anonymous, voluntary survey. Adult diabetic patients 18 years or older with a history of peripheral neuropathy, foot deformity, and those with and without DFU who presented to a tertiary care center were included. Surveys were performed consecutively. Descriptive statistics were calculated to describe survey responses. We used a combination of t-tests and chi-square tests to compare the responses of diabetic patients with and without DFUs. One hundred and forty-nine patients met the inclusion criteria for this study. One hundred patients completed the questionnaire, a response rate of 67%. Fifty-four patients had a history of a previous DFU, while 46 patients had no history of previous ulceration. Patients with no history of a prior DFU were significantly more interested in preventing foot ulcers (p=0.003) when compared to those with a prior history of a DFU. Patients without a history of ulcer formation were significantly more likely to obtain a self-monitoring device compared to patients with a prior history of a DFU (86.97% v 68.52%, p=0.02) Our results suggest that diabetic patients with no history of a prior DFU are more motivated to prevent foot ulcers and more likely to adopt technologies. However, since home-monitoring devices are most efficacious in those with a history of a previous foot ulcer, providers should develop strategies to better educate these high-risk patients. Our findings strongly support that inclusion of advancing self-monitoring technology in the management of diabetic foot ulcer prevention is warranted.


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