Aim: To compare time spent in pre-specified glycemic ranges in day and night-time during intensive training in professional cyclists with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Methods: Fifteen male professional cyclists with T1D on multiple daily injections (age 27±4 years, duration T1D 11±5 years, BMI 21.6±1.5 kg·min-2, HbA1c 7.2±0.7%, O2max 73±4 ml·kg·min-1) performed road cycle sessions (50-90% of the anaerobic threshold, duration 1-6 hours) over 9 consecutive days. Time spent in pre-specified glycemic ranges was compared between day and night time using paired t-test and Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed rank test, P≤0.05.

Results: Overall glycemia is shown in Figure 1. More time was spent in level 1 (54-70 mg·dl-1) (6±5% vs. 4±3%, P=0.05) and level 2 hypoglycemia (<54 mg·dL-1) (3±5% vs. 1±4%, P=0.002) during night vs. day periods. During daytime, more time was spent in level 2 hyperglycemia (>299 mg dL-1) (night 0.2±0.4% vs. day 1.4±2.3%, P=0.02).

Conclusion: Professional cyclists with T1D spent more time in hypoglycemia during the night compared to day-time during intensified training. Long-lasting insulin-sensitizing effects of endurance exercise may suggest a greater need for additional pre-bed carbohydrates and/or insulin dose reductions.


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