Introduction: Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) measures glucose up to 288 times per day allowing people with diabetes (PWD) to see in real-time how medications, food, exercise, and stress, affect glucose levels. Clinicians interpret this information to make lifestyle and medication recommendations.

Objective: To identify common learning outcomes and planned self-management changes resulting from CGM shared medical appointments. Study Design: A two-part CGM Shared Medical Appointment was led by certified diabetes educators (pharmacists, nurses and dieticians). Professional CGM devices were inserted and participants returned the following week for removal, discussion and education in a group format. Inclusion criteria for this study were as follows: age > 18 years, >3 days of CGM data, and attendance of both classes. A post-course survey was given with structured interview questions asking (1) “What is one thing you learned from the CGM class experience?” and (2) “Which changes do you plan to make to your diabetes care?” Questions were answered in written format. After digital transcription entry, data were coded and analyzed using content analysis to devise themes by two reviewers.

Findings: A total of 170 PWD participated in the CGM class and 140 (82.35%) completed the post-course survey. Class sizes ranged from 3-6 participants. The most common learning outcomes were nutrition self-management knowledge (35.77%), pattern interpretation (18.25%) and blood glucose awareness (13.87%). The most common planned self-management changes were nutrition related (56.82%), self-management behavioral goals (24.42%) (log patterns, increase monitoring frequency) and medication adjustments (23.48%) (basal rates, carbohydrate ratios, timing and consistency of medications).

Conclusion: Continuous Glucose Monitoring Shared Medical Appointments are an innovative strategy to facilitate lifestyle changes and medication adjustments for people with diabetes.


J.E. Blanchette: Consultant; Self; Dexcom, Inc., Tandem Diabetes Care. D. Noe: None. N. Galloway: None. H. Sullivan: None. A. Ha: Consultant; Self; Tandem Diabetes Care. D. Isaacs: Advisory Panel; Self; BD, Sanofi-Aventis.

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