Background: Both metabolic syndrome and severe periodontitis have been linked to higher all-cause mortality. Additionally, a bidirectional relationship exists between metabolic syndrome and periodontitis. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant radical scavenger and serum vitamin C level may have modifying effects on mortality rate.

Methods: We analyzed subjects from the NHANES III cohort, aged >= 40 years old who have received oral examination (n=10165). The NHANES III periodontal measurements included periodontal probing depth (PPD), gingival recession and bleeding on probing (BOP). Clinical attachment loss (CAL) was calculated as the sum of the recession and PPD. We used the linked mortality-follow-up data through December 31, 2015 for these NHANES III participants and identified 5320 deaths. Leading causes of death were stratified by metabolic syndrome and mean CAL status.

Results: Subjects with metabolic syndrome (MS) and periodontitis (PD) are associated with higher mortality rates in this cohort (Table 1, Chi-square P values < 1e-10). High serum Vitamin C level is associated with low mortality rate in mid-risk population including subjects with MS but no PD and subjects with PD but no MS (Table 2). In contrast, the association is not observed in either high-risk (with both MS and PD) nor low-risk subjects (no MS no PD).


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