We evaluated the accuracy of FreeStyle Libre 14-day system with new glucose algorithm in adults ages 18 years or older. This was a non-randomized, multi-center, single-arm study that enrolled 144 subjects with types 1 and 2 diabetes on intensive insulin therapy at 5 U.S. sites. Subjects participated in 3 clinic sessions of up to 10 hours each over the 14- day wear period to obtain comparator data. Glucose concentrations were manipulated to obtain glucose concentrations across the system dynamic range of 40-500mg/dL. System performance was evaluated in terms of percent accuracy with respect to venous plasma reference using YSI2300. Accuracy was characterized as the proportion of sensor results that were within ±15%, ± 20% of their paired YSI values for glucose levels ≥ 70 mg/dL or within ± 15 mg/dL, ± 20 mg/dL of YSI for glucose levels < 70 mg/dL. Other accuracy metrics such as mean bias and mean absolute relative difference (MARD) of the FreeStyle Libre System with respect to YSI were also evaluated and are presented in Table 1.

FreeStyle Libre System with new algorithm showed 92.8% of the results within ±20mg/dL/±20% of the venous plasma reference with an overall MARD of 9.2% based on the data from 144 subjects with evaluable sensors.


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