Background: Diabetes self-reported clinical and lifestyle journey by the patient is very poor in India, unless significant additional time is spent by HCPs during appointments. We explored the use of an iPDM (integrated personalized self-management) to amplify self-reported data, without adding any additional time burden to the HCP.

Method: Wellthy Care™ (WC) is a digital therapeutic that delivers an artificial intelligence (AI) augmented disease management program for people with diabetes. In this case, WC was given as a companion to Accu-Chek® Active. WC provides coaching in the form of lessons and quizzes, and uses an AI-based digital persuasion model to encourage users to self-report data on blood glucose, weight, meals, and physical activity, with active feedback on each data point. WC also tracks the duration of physical activity through inbuilt sensors on the phone.

Results: At the time of analysis, a total of 883 users (72.71% males) with an average age of 45.41 years, and an average duration of 30.87 days on the app were available for evaluation. There were a total of 7927 interactions, including 3700 logs and 4207 pieces of content consumed by the users. The users reported a total of 2184 blood sugar logs (499 fasting, 674 pre-meal, 755 post-meal, 256 random), 628 meal logs, 396 activity logs, and 232 weight logs.The average total, fasting, pre-meal, post-meal, and random blood glucose levels were 159.41, 137.8, 144.00, 179.17, and 181.74 mg/dL respectively. The average HbA1c (%), weight, and daily physical activity of the users was 8.64, 74.21 Kg, and 23.94 minutes respectively.

Conclusion: The results confirm Wellthy Care amplifies self-reporting of clinically relevant data by users, without any additional time spent by the treating HCP. An iPDM can be used in resource constrained countries like India to enable the practice of data-driven decision making for personalizing evidence-based care and improving diabetes self-management.


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