Dulaglutide-based therapy may potentiate improved glycemic variability (GV) in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) owing to their several pancreatic and extra-pancreatic effects. This study assessed the effects of dulaglutide on GV using continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) in patients with T2D. Patients (N = 27) from a CGMS specialty center in India received dulaglutide as add-on to oral antidiabetics (OADs) with or without insulin and were subsequently monitored for continuous glucose data using CGMS (FreeStyle Libre Pro) for ≤15 days considering 70-140 mg/dL as target. CGMS data revealed a significant reduction (P<.05) in overall within-patient mean CGM glucose on Day 5 relative to Day 1 which further reduced at Day 15 (Figure), warranting titration of doses of OADs and/or insulin. Interestingly, the coefficient of variation for overall within-patient mean glucose on Day 15 (21.99%) was less compared to Day 1 (31.56%). Through Day 1 to Day 15, overall within-patient mean % time of glucose in target significantly (P<.05) increased (25.19% to 66.42%) along with reduced mean % time above target (68.96% to 17.42%). A non-significant increase in overall mean % time below target (5.86% to 16.16%) was observed with no events of severe hypoglycemia. Dulaglutide improved GV and is well tolerated in patients with T2D.


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