Objective: The mySugr App is the most widespread mobile health application in the diabetes industry, reaching 1.5M patients in 62 countries. mySugr’s Integrated Diabetes Management solution, the mySugr bundle, introduces unlimited test strip delivery and Certified Diabetes Educator-led coaching. In a previous retrospective study we looked at real world changes in blood glucose (BG) in a U.S. population of mySugr Bundle users. In this follow-up study we extended the observation period of intervention to further analyse the course of effect seen before.

Method: We analyzed changes in BG control (mean±SD, tests in range (TIR), estimated A1c (eA1c)) and frequency of testing. Participants monitored BG ≥3 times/day during the observation period. Data from the first 2 weeks of use (t0), 8 weeks before (t1), 8 weeks after (t2) and 8 to 16 weeks after (t3) initiation of Bundle usage were aggregated and statistically compared using two-sided t-tests.

Results: Study participants were 61 users; 59% with type 1 diabetes, 32.8% with type 2 diabetes, 6.6% with LADA and 1.6% with unreported diabetes type. Baseline BG was 152.0±56.0 mg/dl, eA1c 6.9% and TIR 65%. Significant (p<0.05) improvements were observed in mean BG (-11,8 mg/dl), standard deviation (-5,48 mg/dl), TIR (+6.8%), readings above target (-7.2%) and eA1c (-0.41%) between t0 and t3. A significant improvement was also observed in monitoring frequency (+21.4%) between t1 and t3.

Conclusion: Our previous study suggested use of the mySugr Bundle triggered positive changes of glucose control at 8 weeks post intervention. We were now able to show a sustainable improvement in BG control over an extended time period of 16 weeks, indicating the potential benefits of mobile interventions that combine complementary treatment strategies for therapy adherence over longer time periods. Given that improvements were observed in well-controlled patients, findings support further studies in a wider study population range.


H. Mayer: Employee; Self; mySugr. R.P. Bankosegger: Employee; Self; mySugr. J. Kober: Employee; Self; mySugr.

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