Technosphere Insulin (TI) is a dry-powder formulation of recombinant human insulin adsorbed onto Technosphere microparticles for oral inhalation. Data from two 52-wk randomized phase 3 trials in type 2 DM were combined to analyze the effects of TI on body weight. In one trial, patients on basal insulin were randomized to prandial TI or insulin aspart. In the other trial, basal insulin plus prandial TI was compared to 70/30 insulin analog mixture. Primary efficacy end point in each trial was change in A1C. Weight data were captured in each study. Weight and A1C data were analyzed based on modified Intention to Treat Analyses and LS mean changes from baseline. In these analyses, the TI arms were combined and comparisons were made between TI and each of the comparator arms. Aspart and 70/30 arms were not compared to each other. Data for 26 and 52 wk time points are reported. Results At both 26 and 52 weeks, TI was associated with less weight gain than either aspart or premixed insulin. Differences were significant for TI vs. each comparator. A1C differences among treatment arms were small and only statistically significant for TI vs. aspart at 52 weeks.

Conclusion: In insulin treated T2DM persons, TI is associated with less weight gain than Insulin aspart or premixed 70/30 analog insulin. These weight differences appear to be independent of changes in A1C.


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