Background: In 2018, ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes added measurement of testosterone levels in men with T2DM as new recommendation.

Methods: A registry of men with hypogonadism (testosterone ≤12.1 nmol/L) was initiated in 2004 in a urological practice setting. 356 of 858 patients (41.5%) had T2DM diagnosed and treated in a diabetes center. Of these men, 178 received testosterone undecanoate (TU) injections 1000 mg/12 weeks (T-group) following an initial 6-week interval. Anthropometric and metabolic parameters were measured at least twice a year. Fasting insulin was used to calculate HOMA-IR.

Results: After a mean follow-up of 7.7±3.0 (minimum 2, maximum 11 years), 61 patients (34.3%) were in remission, defined as discontinuation of all diabetes medications and stable HbA1c <6.5%. In men who went into remission, HbA1c dropped from 8.7±1.0% at baseline to 5.4±0.1% at the last measurement, HOMA-IR from 10.2±2.5 to 1.7±0.5. In men who never received insulin, HOMA%S increased from 11.1±1.5 to 15.8±2.4. Anthropometric parameters: Body weight declined progressively from 113.6±13.8 to 90.9±8.4 kg by 22.6±8.0 kg, waist circumference from 111.1±7.5 to 98.3±4.6 cm by 12.6±4.3 cm. All patients were on metformin at baseline. 22 patients were on insulin. The average observation time was 130.7±25.9 months (10.9±2.2 years). The average time to discontinuation of diabetes medication was 8.6±2.9 years, average follow-up after achieving remission 2.5±2.3 years. Medication adherence to TU was 100% as all injections were administered in the office and documented. PSA and hematocrit stayed within normal range during the entire observation period.

Discussion: The effects of testosterone were likely mediated by sustained weight loss, increased lean body mass and a profound and sustained reduction of insulin resistance.

Conclusions: Long-term testosterone treatment in men with hypogonadism may result in remission of T2DM.


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