Background: Cano Health (CH) employs a full risk model for their Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollees. In 2014, CH deployed a multipronged practice care management processes (CM) devised to overcome clinical inertia, streamline administration of care, and, standardize performance.

Description and Outcomes: CH approach builds on supporting physicians through decision aids, protocols. and larger coordination enabled through technology. Selected components and metrics and ’hard’ outcomes of CH’s approach is detailed in [Table 1].

Conclusions/Lessons Learned: Stand-out results were attained with strategic e-medicine and human resource processes and touchpoints. CH providers were enabled to expeditiously intensify care where clinical inertia persists.

CH model has proven reproducible, enduring and scalable; CH met or surpassed U.S. averages for metrics and ’hard’ endpoints for MA enrollees for management of diabetes and other conditions, growing CH from 1 to 52 PC facilities, 14 to 135 MDs, and, 2k to 40k patients in <4Y.


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