The IIDP has been supplying isolated human islets and corresponding data from nondiabetic (ND) donors to diabetes researchers for > 15 years. Since 2010 IIDP also has offered islets from T2D donors, with up to 68% of IIDP researchers interested in receiving them. From 2010-19, this unique desirable resource comprised 7.3% of IIDP isolations (98/1,333). Analysis of ND vs. T2D donor demographics showed similar trends (p=0.94) by sex (M/F ratio 1.37 vs. 1.39, respectively). Donor race/ethnicity differed significantly (p<0.001), with a higher rate of Hispanic in T2D (White: ND 64.0%, T2D 43.9%; Hispanic: ND 20.5%, T2D 40.8%; Black: ND 11.1%, T2D 13.3%; Other [Asian, Hawaiian, Native American]: ND 4.4%, T2D 2.0%). This finding is in line with CDC data that Hispanics are more likely to develop T2D. Median donor age differed significantly (p<0.001), with a median of 46 yrs in ND (range: 4-73) vs. 53 yrs in T2D (range: 26-69). Body Mass Index (BMI) was significantly higher for T2D donors (p<0.001), with ND median of 29.2 (range: 11.8- 64.8) vs. 32.5 for T2D (range: 20.7-50.0). Cause of Death (COD) also differed significantly (p=0.003), with a higher rate of stroke for T2D (50.1% for ND vs. 68.4% in T2D), and higher head trauma in ND (31.2% ND vs. 13.3% T2D); other COD was 18% for both donor types. This difference is likely due to higher cardiovascular disease among T2D Americans. While median total islet equivalents (IEQ) yield was significantly higher (p=0.017) for ND donors (ND median IEQ: 278,792, range 35,000-1,015,455 vs. T2D median IEQ: 221,734, range 50,000-1,032,212), this difference was not as great as expected. A previous IIDP publication showed COD and BMI can affect islet yield. Evaluating the difference in yield between ND and T2D remained significant (p=0.02) after adjusting for these factors, with BMI category being a significant covariate, while COD was not significant in this relatively small sample. Perhaps as our sample of these unique donors grows additional associations with islet yield may emerge.


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