Copy number variants (CNV) provide numerous genetic modifications to human variability between individuals and linked with multiple human diseases. Obesity is one of the highly heritable complex disorders, which is associated with CNVs. A recent report shows that the 11q11 gene, a novel olfactory receptor, and its copy number variants are involved in the early onset of obesity. In the current study, we analyzed the link between 11q11 gene CNV and obesity measures in children. One hundred and twenty-seven participants between the ages of 6-10 years were involved in this study. As per WHO guidelines, anthropometric measurements were recorded, and salivary samples were collected. DNA was extracted from saliva, and the copy number variants for 11q11 gene was measured using digital PCR. The descriptive analysis of 11q11 copy numbers showed a significant increase in girls compared to boys; similarly, African American participants had significant increased CNV compared to European Americans. Only 37% of overweight/obese boys’ participants have high copy number variants compared to 63% of overweight/obese girls. The percentage of overweight/obese participants with high copy number variants was significantly lower in boys compared to girls only in the European American population. Overall, these results suggest that difference in the 11q11 CNV in gender is mainly in European American overweight/obese participants.


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