Individuals both at risk for and newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) have a reduced pancreas volume as assessed by MRI. Furthermore, multiparametric quantitative MRI techniques have detected focal alterations in the T1D pancreas. However, performing quantitative MRI techniques in multi-site trials is challenging due to differences in MRI hardware and software. To determine if quantitative MRI measurements in T1D can be performed at different institutions, 5 academic centers (see author affiliation) have established the Multicenter Assessment of the Pancreas in T1D (MAP-T1D) group to develop harmonized MRI acquisition and image processing protocols. We established and implemented an MRI protocol for pancreas imaging on both Siemens and Philips MRI platforms at 5 imaging centers, consisting of T1- and T2-weighted anatomical images, diffusion-weighted MRI, magnetization transfer MRI, and longitudinal relaxation (T1) mapping. Imaging phantoms assessing volume, diffusion, magnetization transfer ratio, and T1 were created and imaged at each institution to test the reproducibility of multiparametric MRI. Measurement of phantom volume yielded an average error of 1.5% from the true volume. The apparent diffusion coefficient, magnetization transfer ratio, and T1 phantoms had coefficients of variation of 6.0%, 10.0%, and 9.5%, respectively, between sites. To assess the reproducibility of human MRI scanning, we recruited 5 healthy subjects to travel to 4 sites for imaging using the standardized MRI protocol. Pancreas volume measured at multiple sites had an average coefficient of variation between scans of 8.3% with a maximum difference of 17% (n = 9 MRIs). This study demonstrates the feasibility of quantitative pancreas MRI across multiple sites. Standardization of pancreas MRI acquisition and processing will accelerate integration of pancreas volume and other quantitative MRI measurements in future multi-center clinical trials of T1D.


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