Background: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a risk factor of Atrial Fibrillation (AF). However, few publications studied the, especially the profile changes due to aging. In this study, we created a statistical strategy to delineate the disease progression profile of the T2DM patients with AF across different age groups.

Method: From IBM Explorys database, 0.48M patients with T2DM and AF were extracted. Patients were separated into 45-60 (54,793), 60-75 (199,944) and 75-90 (227,402) age groups, respectively. The statistical model utilized bootstrap strategy to calculate odds ratio of new developed diseases in 2 years after T2DM and AF diagnose for each group. Diseases with OR > 3 were identified as the progressed diseases. For comparison, we filtered the progressed diseases calculated in T2DM patient cohort.

Result: We found 19 common progressed diseases such as the heart failure and coronary arteriosclerosis (Fig 1). Meanwhile, we also found 7, 17, 25 age-group specific progressed diseases, respectively. Patients in 45-60 tend to get moderate diseases such as syncope (OR = 3.3) and disorder of lung (OR = 3.7) after T2DM and AF diagnose while patients in 75-90 are more likely to get severe diseases such as chronic kidney disease stage 4 (OR = 10.6) and tricuspid valve disorder (OR = 9.5).

Conclusion: Overall, these 2-year progressed diseases could aid clinical decision making.


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